Pink & Sand Sisal Baskets

Pink & Sand Sisal Baskets

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I am very proud to be one of The Basket Room's retailers which is a fairtrade company set up to improve the livelihoods of weaver cooperatives in rural Kenya, Ghana & Tanzania. 

Buying a basket directly supports the weavers as they can become less dependent on self-sufficiency farming, which is incredibly unreliable during drought.

Hand woven from the sisal plant, each basket goes through a detailed process, from growing, to harvesting, rolling, dyeing and finally weaving.

You can use these stunning baskets for loads of cool things at home. I would personally recommend using them as a plant pot cover (but I would say that, hehe). You will be injecting an amazing splash of colour into your home whatever you end up doing. With lots of sizes available you can really get creative.

Each basket comes with a thank you note from the weaver cooperative - a lovely added touch :) 

Dimensions (height x diameter):  XS: 12.5x12.5cm, S: 17.5x17.5cm, M: 22.5x22.5cm, L: 27.5x27.5cm, XL: 32x32cm

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